Pattern store concept

Concept of a model sports store

Basing on the vast experience of the Management Board of the Company and on the several decades of INTERSPORT Group experience, the concept of a model sports shop of the INTERSPORT network in Poland was worked out.

Location – the lar gest shopping centres in the leading cities of Poland. 

Size of the store – about 1,000 sq m, in order to be able to prezent the whole range of labelled sporting goods and sportswear. 

Uniform design – all stores should have the uniform interior design and shop windows arrangement. The display is changed with the seasons to remind of the upcoming season and related sports activities. 

Products display – well-thought arrangement of products in thematic lines allows the customer doing easy and complex shopping. Along the aisle through the store a customer may find boards informing about the current promotions and marketing campaigns. 

Assortment – the main offer is composed of the best brands of the leading sports producers, well-recognized by the customers. As a complementation of the offer, on the average price level, INTERSPORT is gradually introducing its private labels, which shall constitute up to 25% of the whole assortment in the offer. This assortment policy is extraordinary as compared to the competitors. The Company offers a full range of products for about 40 different sports disciplines. In the stores one can buy both specialist and general sports goods. 

Services – the Company lays strong emphasis on the professional customer service not only in the retail. The customer can service their equipment, participate in sporting and leisure events and test the newest skiing, snowboarding and tennis equipment in INTERSPORT RENT.

Professional ski service performed on a fully automatized and efficient Montana and Wintersteiger equipment for ski edges repair. The equipment guarantees buick and high-standard service and is available in the largest INTERSPORT stores. 

Bicycle, tennis, rollerblading and skating service – each store in summer season makes the following services available: (1) bicycle service – offering guarantee and post-guarantee overhauls, replacement of spare parts, including the enhancement of equipment, (2) tennis service– offering the replacement of tennis strings and stringing the racquets on specialist Babolat or Pro Spro equipment, (3) rollerblades service, (4) skate sharpening service.

Logistics systems – the Company has a central IT system which allows detailed reporting on sales, supervising the warehouse management and automatization of activities relating to the level of prices and discounts.

Security systems – the stores are equipped with anti-theft security system including special lockers for customers’ bags and sacks, alarm connection, e-gates, securing devices directly on the goods. 

Internal supervision in order to streamline the shops operation, the action manual for the employees including the division into positions was implemented. The control over the appropriate operation of the shops is managed by particular departments in the headquarters according to the delegated tasks. 

Monitorin system of customers flow in the stores – the stores are equipped with professional counters at the gates which register the number of customers.

Promotion and marketing – the Company realises a well-thought plan of marketing actions in order to strengthen the image of INTERSPORT in Poland. Moreover, the Company organises numerous promotions reinforcing the sales with the use of different media.

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