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The Management Board of INTERSPORT Polska S.A. with the seat in Cholerzyn, Cholerzyn 382, 32-060 Liszki, the company entered to the  Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for Kraków - Inner City No 11 Business Division under the entry: KRS: 216182, initial capital of PLN 1,393,333.40  fully paid up, NIP (Tax Number)  676-001-65-53, acting pursuant to art. 399 § 1, art. 4021 and art. 4022 of the Code of Commercial Companies and § 38 section 1 point 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finances on current and periodic information submitted by issuers of security bonds and prerequisites of considering as equivalent information required by the regulations of a state other than a member state dated 19 February 2009 (Journal of Laws No 33, item 259), hereby informs of convening the General Shareholders Assembly of INTERSPORT Polska S.A., for 17 June 2015 at 10:00, at the seat of INTERSPORT Polska S.A. in Cholerzyn, Cholerzyn 382.

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