Social responsibility


The Company has operated since 2003 the MAKS SPORT CLUB - a recreational sports club for children and young people where physical training, skiing and bicycle riding are practised to promote the healthy, sports lifestyle among the customers. As the interest in the club’s offer grew, it was extended by proposals addressed to adult customers, enabling regular customers to improve their skills, e.g. in skiing or recreational training. In the winter and summer seasons, sports competitions are regularly organised for children, young people and adult customers.


Another proposal by INTERSPORT. To give the customers the optimum freedom of choice of skiing equipment, the Company has organised ski test camps in Austrian Alps, where the customers, in luxury hotel conditions, attended by service staff and instructors, can test about 30 newest models of skis offered by all leading manufacturers of winter sports equipment.


In 2007, INTERSPORT Polska S.A. signed an agreement for mutual co-operation in the organisation of a sports event cycle under the name “INTERSPORT Family Cup”. The mountain biking edition with a complementary title “The 12th Amateur Championship of Poland in Mountain Biking” will be held on a nationwide basis. It will consist of 18 regional elimination and national finals.


INTERSPORT is an official sponsor of the INTERSPORT TEAM AZS PWR bicycle team. The Company’s support enabled the team to participate in bicycling competitions and win numerous sports awards. The colours of INTERSPORT TEAM were represented by the team throughout the 2006 season during 68 various events, including 159 person starts. The members of the Bike Team won 22 times, were awarded 38 medals and stood on the podium 58 times individually and several times as a team.

For INTERSPORT, such values as family sport practising, active recreation, natural competition, striving for goals, optimism and courage constitute the basis for development.

Complementary Actions

INTERSPORT Polska, as the first company on the sports market, has offered to its customers a wide range of complementary actions. A system of hiring top model skis has been implemented, and is available in the stores in Bielsko, Katowice, Kraków (the Zakopianka Shopping Centre), Warsaw and Wrocław.

Commencing with the winter season 2006/2007, when the name of the store chain was changed from Maks Sport into INTERSPORT, the customers have been offered a NEW LOYALTY SYSTEM – i.e. the “INTERSPORT for the Active” programme developed to improve the service of regular customers of INTERSPORT that included:

  • the change of the name of Maks Partner Club into INTERSPORT for the Active;
  • the introduction of a personal card for active people and additional adhesive labels with a code for family members;
  • the introduction of a new discount system with vouchers rewarding regular purchasers;
  • awards for regular customers of the Maks Sport chain who automatically became members in the INTERSPORT for the Active programme and received an additional 1% discount in the first year of implementation of the new program and a voucher for unlimited purchases in the INTERSPORT store chain.

The Company has also improved its communication system, launching a HOT LINE for the customers – 0 801500502 wire phones, +48 12 618 83 00 mobile phones – enabling them to quickly obtain reliable information about the services offered, availability of products in individual stores and complaint handling status.

Considering the safety of children, the customers have been offered a SYSTEM FOR CHILDREN’S SKIS REPLACEMENT – INTERSPORT TECNO Pro that enables the parents to purchase new skis every year (in a four-year period) with extraordinary discounts.

In January 2007, the Company also opened an INTERNET STORE – ,

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