Estimated results for 2017

The Management Board of INTERSPORT Polska S.A. with the seat in Cholerzyn, having analyzed the preliminary data, underneath presents the financial estimates for the year 2017 with comments. The year 2017 was a breakthrough year for INTERSPORT Polska S.A. chain. The Company got an independent INTERSPORT license and started to implement a new business model, which includes, among the others, launching the process of ordering high-margin own brands directly from manufacturers.

December +23,9% in terms of LFL


In December 2017 increased its sales by 23.9% year on year in terms of LFL, i.e. based on comparable stores; while the total net revenue on sales reached PLN 22,345 thousand, i.e. 6.3% more than in the analogous period last year (was PLN 21,012 thousand).

November +35% in terms of LFL


In November 2017, the Company recognised an increase in sales by 35% year on year in terms of LFL, i.e. based on comparable stores, and an increase in Internet sales made on the new platform e-Commerce by 89%.

October + 3,7% in terms of LFL

In October 2017, for the first time this year, the Company has recorded an increase in sales by 3,7% in terms of LFL. It is a positive symptom of the implementation of the first phase of the “new business model” about which the Company informed in the current report no. 25 of 22 March 2017.

Estimates for the 3Q of 2017


Net revenue from sales lower by 16.9% recorded by the Company in the 3rd quarter of 2017 were caused mainly by year on year reduction of goods (mostly private brands) stock by over 25% and year on year limitation of retail space by 11.6%.

Phase I of the "new business model"

From 28 September this year, the Company launched an information and marketing campaign to commence the implementation of phase I of the "new business model", which was reported in Current Report No. 25 of 22nd March 2017.

Estimates after the first year-half of 2017

According to preliminary estimates in the first year-half of 2017 the Company achieved the following financial results: 1) Net profit on the sale of goods and services of PLN 90,636 thousand (in the first half of 2016: PLN 107,269 thousand); 2) EBITDA of PLN 54 thousand (in the first half of 2016: PLN 3,779 thousand); 3) Net loss of PLN 2,804 thousand (in the first half of 2016 the net loss amounted to PLN 381 thousand).

Completion of subscription for series F shares

The Management Board of INTERSPORT Poland SA announces the completion of the subscription for ordinary bearer series F shares ("Series F Shares"). Subscription for Series F Shares was a private subscription within the meaning of Section 431 § 2. 1 of the Code of Commercial Companies. The basis for the issue of Series F Shares is Resolution No. 4 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company dated 15 March 2017 (Current Report No. 23/2017 of 15 March 2017.).

Revenue for the month of March


In March 2017 the company reported a year-on-year decline in sales of winter supplies and an increase in sales of bicycles. At the same time, the trend of %margin growth was maintained.  The income from sales attained in  amounted to PLN 11,608 k and was lower by 11.5% than the corresponding period in 2016 (was: PLN 13,116 k). The sales of LFL (in comparable stores) was lower by 4.1% YoY.

Letter from the President

Dear Shareholders,
2016 was for the Company a period of preparation to significant changes that have been implemented in March this year. - The Company obtained individual licence for INTERSPORT brand and carried out a new issue of shares of the Company.

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