EPC/RFID project

Implementation of innovative EPC/RFID technology in the New Generation Logistics Centre

Project jointly financed by the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund.
The project finally called “Implementation of innovative EPC/RFID technology in the New Generation Logistics Centre” was carried out by the company INTERSPORT Polska S.A. in Cholerzyn, district of Liszki, near Kraków. The outcome of implementing the EPC/RFID technology is the creation of a technologically advanced system enabling logistics processes with a complicated configuration and the possibility of secure network access to be serviced. Implementing the system minimises the possibility of making a mistake, increases the effectiveness of a company’s operations and the management of goods, and ensures a better service for the customer through total control and by being able to keep track of the various goods and logistical operations. It also enables the globally innovative INTERSEZON service to be introduced.
An application for additional financing to carry out the project was submitted to Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości S.A. in Warsaw on 13 June 2008, as part of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, 2007-2013, Operation 4.4 - New investments with great innovative potential.
The Regional Financing Institution is:
Małopolska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.
ul. Kordylewskiego 11, 31-542 Kraków

After the project was positively approved by the Approving Institution (the Ministry of Regional Development), the additional financing agreement was signed on 30 December 2008. The value of the project is PLN 21,114,477.16 (including the share of the European Union of PLN 9,337,095.37).
The project has a positive influence on the equal opportunities policy and complies with the company’s implemented

Strategy of Balanced Development.

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